6 Tactical Ways to Invest and Grow your Business into a Brand


Author: Digital Boosts

Date published: 30 September 2023

If you know how to sell, what you are selling doesn’t matter much. It all boils down to the ability to make people feel connected to your brand name or brand value. If you know how to do branding of your business, people will buy. But if not, the real struggle awaits you.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs start a business with impressive capital investment like a cakewalk. But when it comes to selling & growing the business, the situation flips instantly. Especially, when they don’t have any plans to invest in the branding. 

It is seen that entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and marketers tame a big misconception about branding. A lot of them assume it to be their logo, colors, fonts, design, advertorials, etc. However, the reality is contrary to this. In this blog I will answer all your questions regarding branding -  


In a marketing context, branding means the things that you do to grow your business into a brand and influence people to buy from you. It is an eight-letter word that has several things under the hood. Right from the selection of a marketing purpose to reach the product or service in your customer’s hands, everything’s beneath it.

It encompasses creating a distinct identity for your business and attracting potential customers to swipe their cards. The brand marketing of your business largely depends on your branding. Hence, if you haven’t invested in the branding, you better do it to transform your business.

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what is branding


Creating a brand isn't rocket science. You just need to understand the problem of your audience and market your product/service as a solution to those problems. It’s that simple. 

However, lately, it is seen that companies and businesses are making silly mistakes just for the sake of being creative. They are making all the possible efforts to stand out in the crowd but miserably fail to get into the hearts of people. 

In fact, most even lack clarity about the difference between a brand & branding. Below is an easy-to-understand differentiation between the two terms:

brand vs branding

Why Is Branding Important?

There are thousands of businesses out there in your niche and industry which are also referred to as competitors. They all are selling almost the same sort of solutions to people. Their target market is also the same as yours. Among all this, the most concerning thing is that their promises & offers to people are somewhat similar.

Now, in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to invest in branding. Without branding, you might start a business but it won’t make a place in the subconscious of people. Here are some points to explain why branding is important for your business.

Influences Buying Decisions :

Branding in marketing is vital as the former serves as the foundation of the latter. Through the right branding strategies, you can easily influence the buying decisions of your customers. As per research, about 82% of customers buy from brands that have a great purpose to serve.

Creates Business Identity :

Branding goes beyond the value of your product/service. It offers the target audience with something that is beyond tangible value. This enables people to resonate and connect with the core values of a brand.

Improves Advertising and Marketing :

If your branding is spot on, you don’t have to put much effort into advertising and marketing. People will connect with your brand on the go as you run a marketing or advertising campaign.

Helps People Memorize You :

Buyers feel more connected with a business that helps people memorize its name through branding. And when people remember you, you have already made a place in their subconscious.

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6 Ways to Invest and Grow your BUSINESS into a BRAND

Knowing the importance of branding is just not enough. It is also necessary to know about the ways that will allow you to transform your business into a brand. Seven ways by which you can improve the values, and selling power (branding) of your business are as follows:

Get clear on your Existential Purpose

To succeed in the modern world of business you need to get clarity on your existential purpose i.e. Why do you exist in the market? There must be a purpose that you want to solve with your product/service to get that purpose right for you and your audience. Find the purpose, know its nuances, and convey it to the potential buyers word by word.

Tell a Persuasive Story

Your story is the connecting bridge between people and your brand. Creating a great brand story is just the first step. To influence the buying decisions of people you need to tell a persuasive story that strengthens the brand-customer relationship for years to come. Storytelling is powerful but persuasive storytelling can make you rule your niche.

Get to know your Audience

Your customers are real people with emotions, vulnerabilities, and desires. If you want to take your business to heights where only the sky's the limit, you first need to befriend your target audience. Get closer to them probably into their mind and know what they want to solve which of their problems. The best digital marketing agency never misses this!

Build a strong Digital Presence

Most businesses often hire the best digital marketing agency in Delhi & other parts of the world to help them build their brand. And it's a great way to build a strong digital presence faster. If you also can hire an agency, nothing’s better. But if you want to lead the operations on your own, that’s also a good idea. Just remember, you need to be on every digital platform where your audience is spending their time.

Show up Consistently

Branding can’t be done without being consistent. If you want people to remember your name, you need to show up consistently where they are spending most of their time. If your target audience is an old audience that reads newspapers more often, you need to show up there. But if you are targeting Gen Y or z, social media is the medium you need to be consistent on.

Humanize your Brand

Personifying your business is the best way to bond with people in 2023. However, if you don’t want to be the face of your business due to reasons known to you, hire people to be the face of your business. When you humanize your brand with crisp, resonating content (videos, pictures, text) the chances of your business becoming a brand increase automatically.


Unlike a brand, branding is the things or course of action that you take to make your business attract the attention of people in the market. When you are able to do this successfully & consistently, you end up transforming your business into a brand.   

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