How to write effective and high-converting Call-to-Actions that brings leads


Author: Vibhuti Kakkar

Date published: 31 October 2023


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This is what Call-to-Actions look like.

They may also look like - Buy Now, Follow Us, Download and much more. Including Call-to-Actions into your copy is crucial because copywriting is a part of marketing and what's the point of writing a great copy if it doesn't drive readers to take action?

Now, let's jump in to discuss CTA's in detail.

CTA in details

What is a Call-to-action or a CTA?

A Call-to-action or CTA is a word or phrase that persuades your audience to take a specific action. For example - If you have a blog that gets thousands of visitors on a daily basis but doesn't include any CTA at the end, then what's the whole point of writing a blog? Are your readers coming in, just to read your in-depth blog? No, absolutely not.

They are reading your blog because they are finding a solution to their problem and you need to be the problem solver. Therefore, you need to give them a CTA at the end of your content to solve their queries.

Here are certain CTA's you can add to the end of your blog -

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  • Buy now, and get a bonus including a list of 50 CTA's.
  • Try it now for free, limited time.

How do you write a good Call-to-action?

Writing something persuasive is an art. Similarly writing a good CTA is achievable but it requires practice. Here are the following writing tips you need to keep in mind before you start writing a CTA that drives enough traffic and generates leads.

Write a good Call-to-action

It is essential to know what's on their mind because it will impact their buying decision in the future. This will provide you with information on their demographics, hobbies, and what they are searching for in a brand. Use the native social media analytics to measure engagement, reach, and conversions, if any. This will provide you with deeper insights into what is and is not working, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals

1. Start with a strong verb in your CTA

Your copy needs to be straight to the point. Don't linger on. Just get straight with what action you want your readers to take. It's recommended to start your CTA with a verb. You need to use different types of action verbs depending on the type of business you are leading.

For example:

  • If you have an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart where people are usually in there for buying & ordering, then use CTA's like - Buy Now, Order Now, Shop More.
  • If you are into promoting your newsletters, use CTA's like - Subscribe to my newsletter for daily writing tips.
  • If you have a service-based business, try using CTA's such as book an appointment now.

2. Include words that provoke emotions

If you want your target audience to buy immediately after reading your copy and CTA, then include words that provoke emotions. In this case, use CTAs like - Buy now & get 50% Off, Limited time offer & get free shipping. People don't purchase logically, instead, they purchase emotionally. So, if you want people to eagerly take action, then use these tips to write your CTA:

3. Give your audience a reason to take action

Having a USP is of utmost importance if you need to acquire well-qualified leads. That’s because having a USP gives them a strong reason to take action immediately. Your audience is coming in to see what's in it for them.

In this case, try using Call-to-actions such as - Book a full body checkup at half prices just by making a call at 999999999.

4. Involve FOMO Tactics

This is one of the most powerful copywriting tactics I have come across. FOMO means fear of missing out. You need to create FOMO for your target audience so that they feel if they don't take action now, they are going to miss out on a great opportunity.

This kind of CTA works best if you want to make a sale. For example - Shop today and get 25% Off. The sale ends by midnight today.

5. Include CTA according to the type of device

One major factor to consider before you start writing your CTA is the type of device you are writing for. For example - if someone (who is busy in their corporate life) watches late-night movies and ads, they will probably research more about a product they are interested in through their mobile phone.

So, if your target audience wants to purchase through a mobile phone, then write short CTAs such as Buy Now and Explore More. In a different scenario, if your target audience uses a laptop or an iPad to purchase products frequently, then you can write bigger CTAs such as 'Purchase now before you miss out on exclusive deals'.

Note: Always remember that you write your Copy and CTA according to how people perceive it.

6. A/B Test your CTA's

A good way to identify whether your CTA's are performing well or not is to A/B test them. It's always good to do A/B Testing because digital marketing is all about testing & knowing what's working and what isn't. So, it's better to A/B test each and everything you want to market so that you know the results.

For example - Sometimes, your target audience may not respond to the 'high quality' CTAs you have written so far. So, it is important to A/B test your copy, so that you get what is expected.

7. Add numbers if possible

An important factor that helps consumers attract and interact with your copy is to include numbers in it. The addition of numbers makes them stop and go through your entire copy that's written to make a sale.

You can include CTAs such as 'Buy today and get 50% off on TVs. Including 'Buy Today' also creates fear in the minds of people thinking that if they don't buy now they are probably missing out on something. So, including numbers as well as creating a FOMO in a single copy works best when the requirement is to make a sale.

8. Try adding a bold CTA in your copy

Adding a bold CTA (highly effective & catching) works wonders if you want to generate sales through your copy. If you are up with writing a bold CTA, then there are two options. Write CTAs such as 'End your not-so-healthy diet plan, today'. This CTA is using negative words to motivate a person to take action.

Another example would be agitating the customers and then offering them a solution in their CTA itself. 'Your kitchen area smells bad, let's just fix it' is the perfect example of bold agitating CTA to add to your copy.


Final thoughts

Effective and eye-catching call-to-actions are the driving force behind generating sales through content. Call to action is necessary if you want your readers to take action after they are done with reading your content. It's important to guide the customers through their buyer's journey. To do this, it's important to include compelling CTAs that include strong verbs, evoke emotions, and create urgency & FOMO. By mastering the art of writing CTAs, you can guide your customers toward taking a specific action you want them to take. Doing this will ultimately make you reach your revenue goal at the end.

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