5 best social media management tips for managing multiple accounts


Author: Kanika Keshri

Date published: 02 November 2023

Who doesn’t want to become famous on social media platforms these days? Whether it be a brand, a rising social media influencer, or a coach, everyone aims to have a strong grip on social media. However, creating a strong follower base on digital platforms is not a one-day task. However, it is an integral part of connecting with the target audience. Therefore, everyone is focusing on implementing result-driven social media marketing strategies for growth.

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But, many fail to use the correct social media marketing tactics and gain the desired results. It happens because social media management requires an in-depth understanding of the target audience, content strategy, and digital marketing knowledge. In this write-up, we will understand the best ways to manage the social media accounts of different brands effectively.

Why is social media management important for brands?

We cannot live without social media these days. Along with entertainment, it has now become essential for business promotion as well. It helps in propelling above the competitors and engaging with the target audience. Growing a business from all perspectives is impossible without having a unique social media presence. Apart from establishing connections with the audience, social media marketing and management is also essential in many other ways.

Wider Reach

There are lots of marketing mediums available in the market, but social media is one of the best when it comes to reaching a wider audience. Businesses can easily reach a global audience if social media management strategies are followed properly.


In comparison to offline marketing methods, social media is a cost-effective way to interact with the desired audience. It is not required to pay joining fees on most social media platforms, and it is the easiest way to connect with potential customers.

Efficient Marketing Tool

Social media is the most effective marketing tool for reaching the target audience in an inexpensive manner. That is the reason why it is highly used by brands these days. It generates leads, boosts sales, and shows proven growth in the audience base. It also offers analytics and insights that show the brand's progress and areas of improvement.

Improved Branding

Having a strong online presence helps brands establish a unique brand identity. It creates more interaction with the audience. It also allows them to convey the brand message clearly and improvise the branding game.

what is branding

5 best ways to manage social media effectively

Now that we know the importance of social media management, the next step is to know the best ways to manage the social media accounts of businesses. Effective management will not only improve the brand visibility but will also help in creating a good customer base. Below are some highly effective ways to manage social media.

Develop Brand Understanding

Understanding the brand is the first and most important step of social media management. Without knowing what the brand is all about you cannot create a result-driven strategy. You need to learn about the brand identity of the company and understand its mission and core values. Then understand what the company stands for and what is the public perception about the brand. Doing this will give a clear knowledge of how to step ahead with social media management.

Identify Your Target Audience

By identifying the target audience, we mean that you know what the company is trying to sell and to whom it is selling the product or services. Focusing on the target audience while making a social media content plan is highly important. It helps create more relatable and engaging posts with a high conversion rate. The target audience may not be only a group of people the company designed the product or services for. It can also include users who are interested in the content you are creating. Reaching the right audience will help boost the ROI of the company. When determining the target audience, consider elements such as - interests, challenges, and demographics.

Prepare a Documented Social Media Strategy

Having a documented social media strategy is essential for tracking the content creation process and progress. Make a content calendar that will provide direction and create a routine that ultimately boosts productivity. Furthermore, social media calendars help to stay organised and updated. You will know what to post, when to post, and where to post.

Post when it’s the best time

Posting at the right time is as important as creating an appealing post. The best to post on social media platforms differs based on the content type, industry, and audience. Conduct in-depth research and understand the brand's social media analytics and data to figure out the best time to post. For example - If your Instagram audience interacts more during the afternoon, then you can post till 4 PM and get more engagement.

Analyze the social media strategy

Analyzing the social media strategy and metrics is crucial to knowing the success rate of social media usage. To understand this, you need to focus on user engagement, conversion, response rate, and impression. Once you have compiled data stating all these elements, you can easily go with the existing social media strategy or modify it if required.

Final Closure

The prime goal for maintaining and managing the social media accounts of a company is to engage with the audience as much as possible and get the maximum return on the investment. To maximize the ROI, it is important to understand the brand, prepare and follow an effective social media strategy and target the right audience. Doing all these needs expertise in different domains of digital marketing.

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A single miss can ruin the whole plan and outcome, so you need to be conscious at every step. Be flexible and follow the right steps to ensure the desirable results. In case, you are not sure about your digital strategy, you can have it checked and modified by an expert. To get everything done in the right manner, you can get in touch with digital marketing specialists who guarantee optimum results.

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